Founded in 1994, Marena provides medical-grade compression garments to patients recovering from surgery. In 2012 it launched two additional brands, marketing their patented fabric and construction technology to the shape and sportswear markets.

Marena had grown into the industry leader (by sales), with over 25% of the medical compression garment market. The shape and sportswear brand, however, were floundering and in 2016 Marena was purchased by Riverside Capital Partners.

The new owners saw growth opportunities in expanding the core recovery garment business and by brining the shape and sportswear brands back into the fold.

To do this successfully, they turned to White Space Group to provide foundational brand strategy and a coherent graphic language.

After launching the system in June 2016, online sales grew by 28% (from $1.4m to $1.8m) compared to 2015. As of July 2017, online sales are already at $1.3m and are projected to hit $2.2m.

Working with a team of experienced academic physicians across multiple disciplines, I provided the identity, UX/UI for the app and holding page web design.

Agency: White Space Group

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