The Max

The Max, the second largest apartment building in Manhattan, launched in 2018 as 606 W 57th. TFC asked us to develop an identity and rename the building.

A monogram formed from the letters MAX are the basis for the visual identity system. This monogram is found throughout the property as a pattern and as the foundation for several art installations.

The visual identity system integrates TFC’s existing design language, the property’s unique personality, and Max’s sensibilities to create an elevated living experience that thousands of New Yorkers call home.

Agency: Proponent
Creative Director: Grant Newton
Design Director: Alex Borysenko
Designer: Graydon Manzke


  • the-max-t1s-2018-entry-1
  • the-max-t1s-2018-entry-2
  • Lobby sign & mural based on the monogram
  • Logo concepts
  • At Left: Bower Studios, At Right: Minako Iwamura
  • Sculpture based on the monogram by Steven Joseph Bennett