The Spur

The Spur is Southampton’s first members only co-working space & innovation club. In addition to providing flexible co-working and event space, The Spur hosts weekly free talks and a summer camp for children.

The mark was informed by the original location of The Spur alongside a railroad track. A railway spur is where a line branches, evoking the branching path that innovation takes. In addition to the branding and collateral pieces, I was responsible for prototyping an interactive check-in kiosk and designing neon signage.

Agency: White Space Group
Architectural Renderings: Studio 2FLA
  • the-spur-logo-hero
  • Proposed Location at 630 Hampton Rd.
  • Rendering of mark as graphic element
  • Collateral: Mug & Tote
  • Check-in kiosk screens
  • Neon Signs